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The Custom Facial: after thorough analysis, a gentle exfoliating masque will be chosen based on your skin's specific needs. Eight to ten extractions are included. A treatment masque will finish this luxurious facial. Approximately 50 minutes. $85

The Acne Solution: A specialty treatment for highly congested skin. All extractions needed will be performend, followed by bactericiding the skin with high frequency. A soothing or exfoliating masque is then applied. Approximately 60 minutes. $115

The Vitamin C Facial: The delicious citrus Micro-derma C masque will leave your skin feeling fresh and looking brighter.Followed by a calming masque and vitamin c "peel". A favorite of gentlemen. Approximately 55 minutes. $95

The DNA Facial: Where luxury and repairative treatment meet. The skin is cleansed and exfoliated, then a marine derived DNA ampoule is forced into the skin with high frequency micro current. Lastly, a collagen masque is applied, leaving the skin soft, fresh and deeply hydrated. Perfect pre event facial. Approximately 90 minutes. $150

Fire and Ice: A professional exfoliating treatment that will leave you red carpet ready! Enzymes and mild lactic acid will gentely desolve dead surfase cells, revealing fresh skin. A hyaluronic gel masque is then worked into the skin, leaving it deeply hydrated. Safe for pregnant or beastfeeding women. Approximately 50 minutes. $95

Bac-ne treatment: Treats those pesky break outs on the back. The back is cleansed, extracted, and a mild peel is applied. Approximately 50 minutes. $85

Designer Peels: After thorough cosultation, you esthetician will select the peel best suited to your needs, based upon your goals, skin type and lifestyle. Approximately 30 minutes. $75

Semi permanent mascara: Professionally applied mascara that stays on for two weeks. Approximately 30 minutes, $50

Lash or Brow Tint: Approximately 20 minutes. $20

Brow wax: Approximately 20 minutes. $18